Thursday, August 9, 2012

Painting Incorporeal Models

Well it's been over a year now since I started the blog! It has gone by pretty fast and I have managed to get lots of stuff done on the table. I started the blog as a way to keep myself motivated, and so far so good. I wanted to post this on the actual anniversary, but my computer crapped out and I just got it running again. But for a belated celebration I am going to do a tutorial on painting incorporeal models like the Pistol Wraith I posted in my last entry.

What you'll need:

Base colors: Chaos Black, Bestial Brown, Ice Blue, Boltgun Metal, Bleached/Jack bone.
Highlight: Adeptus Battlegrey, Shining Gold, Graveyard Earth,Vermin Brown, Snakebite Leather, Chainmail.
Extreme Highlight: Skull White
Washes: Thraka Green, Badab Black, Asurmen Blue, Agrax Earthshade (devlund mud)

Getting Started: Basecoat


Start with a white undercoat. In this case I wanted the creature to be coming out of Incorporeal so I painted the bottom half of the cloak with Adeptus Battlegrey and let it dry. I then hit the back of the cloak again with whit primer, to kind of map out the transition. Once this was dry I painted all bone parts that would be solid with a base of Bestial Brown and all the areas that will be ghostly with Ice Blue.

If you want just the ghostly effect follow steps (1), (3), and (4b).


Next paint the gun barrel, and paint the exposed bone with Jack or Bleached Bone. I also went over the cloak in Adeptus Battlegrey and painted the waist wrap all the way down into the Ice Blue.

(3) Wash:

Apply Devlund Mud to the bone areas and a layer of Thraka Green to the Ice Blue base coat. Once the green wash dries apply blue wash to the very deepest folds in the cloth.

(4) Highlight:

Next highlight the jacket with Adeptus Battlegrey then apply a black wash over the jacket to bring the grey down. This may take two coats of wash. Drybrush the front of the skull with bleached bone and drop some black wash into the eye sockets and around the teeth.


Drybrush the ghostly areas with skull white. I did a light drybrush at the top so I didn't obscure any fine details and I used a heavier drybrush on the bottom.

Next apply a green wash again over the entire ghostly surface again to bring down the white paint and the blue wash. If you like the brightness of the white, by all means leave this step out. To make it uniform with the cloth I chose to bring it down.

(5) Final Details:

Paint the top part of the jacket and the sash with a base of Graveyard Earth followed by a wash of Devland mud and a highlight of Snakebite Leather. I also painted the buttons on the exposed half of the jacket with Chainmail. For the wood on the gun i used a base of Bestial brown followed by a Vermin Brown Highlight. And that's that!

Thanks to all the people who have followed the blog over the last year, and to all the people who have popped in through facebook, and various hobby forums and sites. Hope you all come back as there are always things to paint, share and learn! Happy slaying!