Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Basics

Welcome to Apartment Wargaming! This blog is going to focus on all aspects of table top wargaming, with a focus primarily on Warmachine, Hordes and Warhammer. This blog will also have a lot of content that may be specific to Canada and my local area, but the actual modeling information should be relevant. With that said I am not going to ramble on about a bunch of shit, I'm just gonna get down to it!

I'm sure if you are visiting this blog you are already into table top gaming to some degree, and I won't bore you too much with the absolute basics. I am just going to show you the things that I use and have learned throughout my time in the hobby. Everyone develops their own styles, and may disagree with some of the things I post, but all things on this blog are just based on my particular style of modeling, what works best for me may not work  for you, but I hope what I post will at least be of some help whether you are new to the hobby or experienced. And please feel free to share anything you have picked up along the way!


Quality tools, and the right tool can make your modeling hobby a lot easier! When it comes to the actual models the amount or tools you really need can be stored in a small tool box, so there is no need to spend heaps of money on tools you may only use a few times or not at all! The tools I use for models most are as follows:

Files/Modeling Knife: Removing flashing and mold lines.
Hand drill/Pin Vise: Pinning models and creating battle damage.
Paper clips: I use these as the pins in arms or heavy objects, mainly on metal models.
Wire snip/GW model Snips: Wire snips for cutting paper clips, GW snips for cutting models off sprue.
Tweezers: Regular ones and hooked nose tweezers for applying decals and static grass.
Blue-Yellow/Green stuff- For filling in imperfections (scratches, bubbles, gap filling), sculpting new          pieces,duplicating bits,making banners, magnetization, etc.
Sculpting tools: I bought a set of wood carving tools from "Maritime Hobby" for five dollars, and rubber tipped paintbrushes from "Desures" art store (they are called "water color chisels" they keep the green stuff smooth while you work with it), and the sculpting tool from GW. I am also looking into picking up the Privateer Press set of sculpting tools.
Glues: I use GW Super Glue for all models that are plastic, and sometimes on metal models, but often it doesn't bond strong enough I find, so I use either steel epoxy (at your own risk... very steep learning curve on models that are small, I try and only use this on monstrous sized models), and "Thick Superglue by Armor Coat" $2.99 at Canadian tire, works best on metal and won't work on some plastics.
Magnets: I order all of my magnets from, but if you are looking for shit tons you can get them here
Sticky Tac: For holding models on bases while priming or painting, temporarily attaching pieces, masking off areas, etc.
Paint brushes: I use numbers 2, 1, 0, 0/3, 0/5, 0/10 pointed tips/ 1, 2, 4 square tips, and small, medium, large, stipple brushes from GW.
Paint: At the moment I only use GW paints because that is all that is easily accessible in this city, but I will be trying our P3 Paints in the near future, and maybe try out Reaper and VJ if I can find then for a good price. I also use a number of "Liquitex" paint mediums that I will go into detail on later.

Tomorrow the un-boxing of Warmachine, I'm just getting into the game so I will put up my first impressions and some modelling basics for what to do when you first get your models!

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