Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cryx update

Got some more models completed  so I figured I would add some pics. Only a few mini's from the original un-boxing left to paint. Then I can move onto my Pirate Queen build!

Mechanithralls: Really happy with these. I already had a picture up, but it was poor quality I might take the other one down now. (Front row/Back row)

Necrotech & Scrap Thrall: Pretty happy with these. I painted the big fist red because I play against Khador a lot. once I get the blister pack I am going to paint each fist to represent each faction.

Warwitch Siren: Not too happy with this model at all. I had a really hard time painting her. Her details are exceptionally small, and I ran out of small tipped brushes half way through painting her, and since I was on a little bit of a deadline, I decided to finish her with a few sizes bigger brush. It turned out to be a mess and she is too bright compared to the rest of the army. But whatever, she's done, and when I get the rest of my army finished I'm gonna strip the paint off and give it a go again. She is by far the most difficult model I have ever painted. I do like the way the skirt came out though.

Bile Thralls: Already pictures posted earlier of closeups but here is the full squad in better lighting.

I'll be away for a bit while I paint the Leviathan and Reaper HellJacks. I'll post pictures when they are finished, and talk a little bit about my first 35pt list. Happy Slaying!

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