Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unboxing 3/Figure Cases

I got my boxing day order today! I figured I would just get all the stuff I would have bought throughout the year while it was 20% off, and I still had holiday money left over so why not. I will go over all this stuff later when I get to assembling them and painting them, but for now it is pretty much everything for the 35pt point Skaare build I had been play testing lately.

Top left to bottom right: Leviathan Hell Jack, Bane Knights unit, Satyxis Raiders Unit, Bane Lord Tartarus solo, Bane Knight Blister x2, Satyxis Raiders Blister x2, Reaper Hell Jack, Gen.Gerlak Slaughterborn solo,and Pirate Queen Skaare. 25 models total.

I ordered the "Cryx" foam kit offered by "Battle Foam" for the figures case I got for Christmas, which I will go over in a moment. It will hold my Cryx and Menoth models. I also thought I would try out a different type of primer, I have heard good things about "Army Painter" colored primers online, and if I like it I will probably stick with it abandoning the primers from GW. The primer was $10 dollars less than a can from GW so I hope it works out. $10 dollars can get you another Warmachine model. Also grabbed a variety pack of Magnets for the forest terrain I have been working on.

Figure Cases: Battlefoam Warmachine Figure Case.

I had been using some makeshift, and cheaper alternatives to army transport over the years and didn't really have a need for anything crazy or fancy. But lately I find myself trucking my armies all over the place rather than always playing in one centralized location. I needed something that would hold up well in travel and I wouldn't have to fuss over my models falling or banging together chipping the paint, especially with the metal models that are abundant in Warmachine.

There are many ways to go about carrying or storing your models. This can range from putting them in a cardboard box with paper or foam, buying seat cushion foam and cutting it out yourself to be placed in a tool box, wrapping your models with bubble wrap and placing them in a Rubbermaid storage container. Or any other suitable thing you can come up with. I always went for the cheapest thing that I thought would work for a particular army.

Awhile back I got a "KR Multi Case" which served it's purpose and will continue to do so for some of my other models. My army quickly outgrew it, but for under 35 dollars it was worth it. I needed something cheap to protect my metal army. Metal models chip very easily, and I was stressing out too much taking them out of the house. the KR will hold 72 figures roughly, and has a pluck foam layer on the bottom for custom sizes.

For my plastic Space Marine army I don't have to worry so much about the paint chipping because they are lighter than the metal models, but I still have to be careful not to let them move around too much. Right now I have them in a bead craft case from Walmart, you can also buy them at Michael's. It holds close to 4000 points worth of space marines and for 30 dollars you can't complain!

As you can see the top will hold 1 Land Raider, 2 Predators, and 2 Dreadnaughts.

The front folds down giving you three compartment trays, I use the bigger one on the bottom for bits, magnets, green stuff, model bases, etc. This Space it creates will hold 1-4 standard Dreadnaught's, 3 transports, or Whirlwind if you can remove the missile pods, and of course any combo as shown above.

The compartment trays are customizable and fit standard squads, Teminators, Assault Troops, and some characters. Like I said these were working fine for me when we played mainly at my house, but other friends have ventured into table building, and I sometimes attend a group of local players for friendly games so I wanted something that could really protect my models I work so hard on painting. After doing some research and price comparisons I went for the Privateer Press sponsored Warmachine bag from Battle Foam. I had heard great things about the bags in the past and I like the laser etched custom tray option for a snugger fit. I know my models won't go anywhere if the bag falls over.

It will hold 13 inches of foam with tray area dimensions of 15.5W x 8.5L" (394W x 216L mm), Bag Dimensions - 17W x 11L x 14H" (432W x 279L x 356H mm). The KR foam is one line too wide. Bag and foam sold together or separately.

Where the Warmachine logo is a flap lifts up and there is a space for your standard sized rulebooks, as well as pockets for tokens, keys, wallet, whatever. Inside on the same wall is another slot for an army book that rests outside the foam stack.

On the side there is a pocket that perfectly holds the small rulebook that comes in the two player box set, as well as the templates and dice needed to play.

The back has the Battlefoam logo and unzips to reveal...

An area for cards, tokens, markers, and a three ring coil so you can add card sleeve sheets. I  managed to separate all the cards for the models I have and put them in individual sleeves. The three ring binder coil is big enough for me to add two complete card sets for Cryx and Menoth in card sleeve sheets and still have room for paper, or other cards.
On the other side there is a drink holder which now holds a measuring tape.

And this is how you get the foam out. It completely folds around the foam secured with two zipper heads so the bag can be locked. It's a little on the pricey side, but it is definitely worth every penny! Retails for $154 with foam. I really like how it keeps all the components and accessories together in one place and seems to have the gamer in mind in terms of design. Warmachine requires more things to play than Warhammer, and trying to travel with it all in different places can be a pain.

Not really sure what my next post will be about, I have so much new stuff to tackle I don't know where I'm gonna start. Well see. Happy gaming!

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